3-stand modular carwash construction

Steel structure for a 3-stand washing plant

  • Width: 15,03 m (two washing stands, 5.01 m each)
  • Depth: 6,52 m
  • Height: 4.29 m (max. operating height 3.50 m)

Type of structure

  • Made of  hot galvanized box sections, assembled  with bolts and screws
  • Static calculations for the second snow zone

Roof structure

  • Flat roof made of  trapezoid hot galvanized steel plate, powder coated white. Roof inclination 1,5%
  • Roof made of polycarbonate (PC) – provides more light and gives stronger impression of space


  • Roof gutters and downspouts, plastic (without connection to drain). Installation on site


  • Galvanized and powder painted, aluminum convex attic, 90 cm high, installed around the whole construction. A backlit sign: MYJNIA BEZDOTYKOWA, with fluorescent lamps. Color: red (RAL 3020)

Washing stand illumination

  • Lamps, 15 pcs, 58 W each
  • Permanent illumination – starts automatically at dusk
  • Dynamic lightining (after coin insertion)


  • Three division walls with the CarWash logo on both sides
  • Three division walls with operating instruction on both sides


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