Read about new BKF solutions for carwashes

1. New BKF Coin Change Machine could be interesting supplement of carwash. This is new technology which could raise car wash profit.

Basic version contains:

  • 4-section display

  • banknote reader

  • 2 hoppers

You can also expand the basic version with additional options:

  • the ability to recharge cards and keys by reader of BKF cards and keys

  • BKF card sales through card dispenser

  • printing transaction confirmations

  • exchanging coins for accepted by washstands


  • monitoring and changing parameters by carwashfirmware

  • easily controlling of coin machine condition by internet browser

  • piezoelectric buttons on standard

  • possibility of outside installation


2.  BKF Key

  • payment by using a key or card BKF

  • easy operation

  • improved support for fleets of vehicles

  • invoicing

  • Customer loyalty system - the possibility of using loyalty packet, bonuses and promotions

3. BKF Pay

Card payments

  • the possibility to pay by credit card / contactless and with the PIN


  • modern system of paying through mobile application

4. Control Panel

- piezoelectric buttons (resistant for mechanical damages and water, highlighted with LED)

- 4 digit display (it might display impulses, units of currency, time shown as minutes or seconds, washing time management precision)

- cash collection  system: devices dedicated for recieving payments (banknote readers, coin acceptors, cards, electronic payments)

- safety (Stainless steel boxes for coins, optionally: safe box in the standing panel, fixed to the floor, optionally: alarm system based on sensors mounted in carwash doors)


5. Client Module - Advanced managment system

- quick reaction for problems - diagnostics of car wash by the Internet

- comfortable managing prices and promotions via Internet

- effective management of business - easy access via Internet to statistics of car wash

6. BKF Cash Flow

- safety - individual safe boxes placed in container (each for every single stand)

- high quality - the whole system made with stainless steel


7. High quality components:

- Bifunctional ACV boiler (Dual tank design provides efficient heating of the water for washing and floor heating, Power: 55 to 200 kW, depending on the model)

Dosatron dispensers (Precise dosing, based on the amount of flowing water, warranty of reliablility)

- Bürkert solenoid valves (viton sealing, stainless steel body)

- Pump CAT BKF 340 D (Ceramic plungers, Red housing dedicated to BKF, Made in Japan)

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