Six-stand modular carwash with external stand

Six-stand modular carwash with external stand

Modular five-stand carwash with external stand is destined for localization with moderate and big traffic, like medium cities, settlements, next to big markets. It can be used also to complete the petrol or gas station offer.

The kit includes 2 BKF Carwash modules - one two-stand and one three-stand module, steel construction with full equipment, the repeatable project. Construction works are performed by the investor on the basis of a repetitive project.

General information
type: modular carwash code: CWM4+1
number of stands: 4+1 no. of programs: 5 (6)*
fuel: gas / oil / propan washing pressure: 90-120 bar
max. capacity: 750 cars / 24h innovativity: NET Control, solar system
Structural information:
surface: 150m2 min. plot surface
water consumption: 71,5 l/min (4,3m3/h) sewage max: 4,3m3/h
energy: 31,1 KW sewage 20%: 20,6m3/24h
   Delta pro GF 55 (standard 2-stand module)

HeatMaster 60 (standard 3-stand module)

2 x HeatMaster 35TC (optionally)
Pressure - natural gas E(G20): 20 mbar 20 mbar 20mbar
Max. usage - natural gas E(G20): 6,45 m3/h 7,4 m3/h 2 x 3,7 m3/h
Pressure - propane gas P(G 31): 37/50 37/50 37/50
Max. usage - propane gas P(G 31): 2,5 m3/h 2,86 m3/h 2 x 1,25 m3/h
Max. usage - oil: 5,8 kg/h 6 kg/h no option





Technical dataSix-stand modular carwash with external stand
Zużycie wody6 x 14 l/min.
Ciśnienie robocze30 - 120 bar
Ciśnienie robocze max125 bar
Temperatura wody20 - 60 ºC
Podgrzewanie wodyolejowe / gazowe
Moc kotła 2-funkcyjnego55 kW
Zbiornik ciepłej wody w kotle82 l
Wydajność systemu zmiękczania2 x 160 m3 / °dH
Wydajność systemu odwróconej osmozy400 l/h
Zbiornik odwróconej osmozy750 l
Zasilanie elektryczne3 N 400 V, 50 Hz
Wymiary modułu myjącego2 x (220 x 80 x 177) cm
dochód30 000 - 90 000
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