Three-stand modular carwash

Three-stand modular carwash

Modular three-stand carwash  is destined for localization with moderate traffic, like small and medium cities, settlements, next to small markets. It can be used also to complete the petrol or gas station offer.

The kit includes three-stand BKF Carwash module, steel construction with full equipment, the repeatable project. Construction works are performed by the investor on the basis of a repetitive project.

General information
type: modular carwash code: CWM2+1
number of stands: 3 no. of programs: 5 (6)*
fuel: gas / oil / propan washing pressure: 90-120 bar
max. capacity: 450 cars / 24h innovativity: NET Control, solar system
Structural information:
surface: 90m2 min. plot surface
water consumption: 41,8 l/min (2,5m3/h) sewage max: 2,5m3/h
energy: 20,7 KW sewage 20%: 12m3/24h
Gas parameter
   HeatMaster 60 (standard) HeatMaster 35TC (optionally)
Pressure - natural gas E(G20): 20 mbar 20mbar
Max. usage - natural gas E(G20): 7,4 m3/h 3,7 m3/h
Pressure - propane gas P(G 31): 37/50 37/50
Max. usage - propane gas P(G 31): 2,86 m3/h 1,25 m3/h
Max. usage - oil: 6 kg/h brak opcji




Technologhy of a two-stand self-service carwash with a micropowder dosing system
  • Soundproof casing coated with 5-mm insulating foam
  • Arch frame of the module, stainless steel
  • Fronts powder painted. Any color from the RAL palette can be applied.
  • Stainless steel fronts (extra charge)
  • Water consumption: 3 x 400 – 660 l/h controlled steplessly with pressure monitored on manometer
  • CAT industrial pumps
  • Maximum pressure: 150 bar
  • Recommended operating pressure:  30-120 bar (adjusted steplessly)
  • ACV 60N two-mode boiler, stainless steel, heated by gas or oil, heating value 69 kW (optionally condansate heating boiler ACV HM TC 35, heating value up to 34,9 kW, 20% reduces gas consumption - only gas version)
  • 83-liter reservoir of hot water in the boiler
  • Water temperature: 20-60 degrees C (stepless adjustment )
  • Power supply:  3N 400V / 50 Hz – 19.3 kW
  • Dimensions: Length x width x height : 220 x 80 x 177 cm
The technical module includes following standard equipment

    Control panel containing the following standard equipment on  both sides of the carwash module:
  • Electronic slot for coins and tokens
  • Time display unit (electronic) 
  • Information push buttons, backlit adequately to the program in use

    5 washing programs (standard):
  • Program 0: Spraying the chemical over rims. It helps to remove carbon deposits and tarnish from the brake blocks; softened and demineralized water.
  • Program 1: Turbo spray – spraying the chemical with softened and demineralized water, preparation for touch-less washing ( softening hard dirt deposits)
  • Program 2: Touch-less pressure wash (basic, original BKF technology) – water filtrated from mechanical impurities - softened, a chemical agent – powder neutral to the paint, dozed continuously (tenside technology) – high temperature helps to dissolve fatty tarnishes
  • Program 3: Flushing of remaining impurities and chemicals with clean water after touch-less washing
  • Program 4: Preservation with a polymeric agent – filtrated softened water consisting a latest-generation polymeric agent. The polymer covers clean paint with a hard thin layer. In the high temperature it sticks to the carbody.
  • Program 5: Glazing  – Flushing the carbody with softened and deminiralized water containing a drying – glazing compound, which prevents it from stains or sagging. This step finishes the previous stepc. It allows to skip wiping and/or drying.
    Outer antifreezing system
  • Antifreezing water tank, stainless steel.
  • Water circulation initiated by an outdoor electronic thermostat
  • Antifreezing pump, charging the circulation system
  • Pressure regulator to control water pressure and supply, reduces losses
  • Net filter installed on the inlet to the circulation system
  • Mechanical floating valve for automatic control of water level in the antifreezing tank.
Emergency antifreezing system, starts automatically on power failure. A Burkert solenoid valve opens to let the city water in which comes with the pressure from the water supply network. The water flows through the whole water system to the antifreezing tank.
In case there is no power for a longer time, excess of water leaves the antifreezing tank through an overflow  pipe to drain.

    Integrated lance holder connected to wtare cyrculation system

    Water filter with control manometer installed at inlet

    High pressure equipment for washing stand (each working stand)
  • High pressure hose, 4.3 m long, with double braid and increased wear-resistance 2SN DN6
  • High pressure pistol equipped with an antifreezing valve cooperating with the outer antifreezing system.
  • Handy wash pipe, 450 mm long, stainless steel, with a thermally insulated grip
  • Ceramic nozzle (spraying angle 65o) w/protective shield and the producer’s logo
    Control System – Control Panel
  • Ultramodern industrial computer by B@B Automation. Its software created by BKF Myjnie provides the possibility to control the plant from  the level of  a 7.5” LC touch screen. The program includes self-diagnostics,  gradual access levels to individual functions, protection with a password, a possibility to change the washing plant operating settings and prices for individual washing programs. Downloading new program versions is done through outer flash memory. The system collects statistical data on operation of the washing plant.
  • Information on a number of coins thrown in is displayed
  • Information on worked hours is displayed
  • Possibility to connect a PC
  • Possibility to upgrade the software program via the Internet (optional)
  • Protection with password
  • Lighting controlled by an electronic dusk sensor
  • B&R Electric equipment
  • Additional 230V AC socket  installed in a control cubicle for service purposes
  • Two-range thermostat, controlling  independently the internal and external  antifreezing systems.
  • Net Control – a sophisticated system to control the washing stands via the Internet. It allows for monitoring  all key operating  parameters. – an automatic supervisor which sends out e-mails with info on overhauls, failures, statistics figures on turnover broken down to the plant operating hours,  allows for changing operation settings via the Internet -  there are outputs for industrial television.
  • BKF Key (additional charge) - Innovative system consists with three main elements: key, charger and key reader. BKF Key system makes payment easier, and habituates clients to constant usage of car wash. Additionally it provides a possibility of making marketing campaigns, just like promotions, special offers, and special services for fleets (keys contracting for cars only).
    Chimney – two-layer, stainless steel, diameter 150 mm  (58-70 kW)
    Swivel arm 2000 mm
  • Swivel, spring arm rotating at 360 deg., stainless steel
    Water Conditioning Module consists of the following standard equipment:
  • Soundproof casing coated with 5-mm polyurethane thermal insulating foam
  • Module arch frame, stainless steel
  • Powder painted wall faces (or stainless steel, both parts covered by one extra charge)
  • Dimensions: Length x Width x Height : 220 x 80 x 177 cm
    Water softening and demineralization system
  • Twin tank water softener, capacity 2 x 160 m3 / OdH Controlled by Fleck valves, regeneration is controlled by volume. Continuous delivery of softened water is provided by two tanks alternately.
  • Salt container, 70 kg capacity, suction is set up at the inlet
  • Independent valve to control filling of the tank when there is no pressure in water piping.
  • Mechanical measurement of produced water volume. Mechanical solution is not influenced by temporary lack of electrical power
  • Visual alarm - low level brine
  • Reverse osmosis system, minimum capacity 400 l/h (The value refers to the inlet water temperature of 15OC)
  • There are the following optic indicators, signaling: operation, quality of permeate, disturbances (low supply water pressure) and upper and lower desalinated water level in the permeate tank.
  • Reverse osmosis electronic control panel (for desalinated water) with 4-digit display and measurement of water purity degree, measured in µS
  • Automatic switch off of the reverse osmosis system after the third time the permissible water purity degree has been exceeded; and display of the failure code.
  • Three manometers controlling pressure at the pump inlet and pressure at the reverse osmosis membrane.
  • Cylinders showing flow of concentrate and permeate  (demineralized water)
  • Total worked hours counter
  • Water filter at inlet – permeability 5 µm
  • Self-priming pump, stainless steel. Max. capacity 600 l/h, 14 bar
  • Heavy duty helical membranes, polyamide/polysulphone based, pressure pipe made of glass fiber
  • In case of lack osmotic water - automatic switching for softened water.
    Reverse osmosis tank 750 l – basic
  • With float control
    Floor defreezing system (Two-function ACV boiler)
  • Connection to a double-circuit  floor defreezing system with 240 m long PEX pipe, cross-section 20 x 3 , as per DIN 16892/3, for one washing stand

Steel structure for a 3-stand washing plant

  • Width: 15,03 m (two washing stands, 5.01 m each)
  • Depth: 6,52 m
  • Height: 4.29 m (max. operating height 3.50 m)

Type of structure

  • Made of  hot galvanized box sections, assembled  with bolts and screws
  • Static calculations for the second snow zone

Roof structure

  • Flat roof made of  trapezoid hot galvanized steel plate, powder coated white. Roof inclination 1,5%
  • Roof made of polycarbonate (PC) – provides more light and gives stronger impression of space


  • Roof gutters and downspouts, plastic (without connection to drain). Installation on site


  • Galvanized and powder painted, aluminum convex attic, 90 cm high, installed around the whole construction. A backlit sign: MYJNIA BEZDOTYKOWA, with fluorescent lamps. Color: red (RAL 3020)

Washing stand illumination

  • Lamps, 15 pcs, 58 W each
  • Permanent illumination – starts automatically at dusk
  • Dynamic lightining (after coin insertion)


  • Three division walls with the CarWash logo on both sides
  • Three division walls with operating instruction on both sides


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