MultiWash 1 stands

MultiWash 1 stands

MultiWash jednostanowiskowy stosuje się w myjniach bezdotykowych, myjniach ręcznych, salonach samochodowych jako urządzenie myjące.


Informacje ogólne
typ: Urządzenie myjące kod: MW1
stanowiska: 1 ilość programów: 5 (6)*
opał: gaz / olej / propan ciśnienie mycia: 90-120 bar
max. przepustowość: 150 aut / 24h innowacyjność: system NET Control, system solarny
zapotrzebowanie na wodę: 14,85 lm/min (0,9m3/h) ścieki max: 0,9 m3/h
prąd: 13,8 KW ścieki 20%: 4,3m3/24h
Parametry gazu
   Delta pro GF 25 (standard) HeatMaster 35TC (opcja)
Ciśnienie gaz ziemny E(G20): 20 mbar 20mbar
Zużycie max. gaz ziemny E(G20): 2,95 m3/h 3,7 m3/h
Ciśnienie gaz propan P(G 31): 37/50 37/50
Zużycie max. gaz propan P(G 31): 1,14 m3/h 1,25 m3/h
Zużycie oleju max: 2,18 kg/h brak opcji

MultiWash is a professional washing machine having 5 or 6 programs used in the preparation of new cars for the customer, vehicle wash after repairs, the current wash. The washing process is carried out using high pressure water, temperature, powder, polymer, brightener, and the dryer. Functions are coordinated computer with a set of water treatment. Additional program allows the use of chemicals with different characteristics. All functions are controlled by an industrial controller Moeller. Solid, precise dosing of chemicals eliminates the possibility of human error and ensures safety for paint and permanent consumption calculation chemistry.

- A complete water treatment system - softening and reverse osmosis,
- Removal of the polymer, paraffin,
- Fast and simple daily care,
- Low consumption of chemicals, water and electricity,
- Will not scratch the paint, it does not require drying.

Technical data
Water consumption: 12 l/min
Pressure: 30-120 bar
Power of the single function boiler: 25 kW
Working capacity softening system: 0,8 m3/h

Working capacity reverse osmosis system
(at + 10 ° C)

300 l/h
Type of power supply
3 x 400 V, 50 Hz
Water heating
elektr. / oil / gas
220 x 80 x 190 cm

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