Detergent Level Check

System measuring the level of liquid detergents and powder based on ultrasonic level sensors Pepperl&Fuchs enables remote check of their state through the Internet. Precise measurement of the level of detergents and possibility of establishing minimum emergency states provides maintenance of wash quality at the highest level. Visit to the wash for the purpose of re-filling detergents takes place only when necessary. Advantages: 5 independent sensors servicing the system, alarm at low detergent level, mobile detergent containers made of stainless steel with the capacity of 55l

Water Backup Kit

Water backup kit protecting wash operation against feeding water pressure drop and lacks in water supply. Specially adjusted container consists of buffer tank system of total capacity of 4000 l. If there is a lack of water supply, water backup kit provides water for approximately 40 additional washes.

Extra Lifetime Kit

System based on intelligent B&R inverters, high-pressure sensors and special BKF application. By means of smooth regulation of motor rotational speed, hydraulic system is protected against pressure jumps. Function of early warning about changing a value of high pressure at the outlet of the pump enables the investor to prevent disabling the station. Electricity and water consumption efficiency.

Safe Money Collection

Money collection system based on BKF software and high-quality industrial printer guarantees safe use by money collection companies. Advantages: list of turnover for each station with division into keys, coins, banknotes; possibility of printing backward report

Big Cash Box

Two independent banknote readers along with a cash box twice a size of a regular one for small change reduce the need of frequent visits to the wash.

Hot Circulation

Circulation installation with hot water access system

Hot Wires

System of securing high-pressure wires against frost by means of intelligent heating wire system.

Pressure Safety Check

High-pressure sensor system enables early detection of any irregularities within the operation of high-pressure pumps.

Anti-vandal system

Anti-vandal system based on reed relays installed on the module door, alarm sound signal and CarwashFirmware


System with 4-digit display of impulses / cost per reader for 1 wash station

BKF Changer

Changer equipped with: reader of banknotes, 2 x universal hopper with superstructure, with free-standing base (option + many other configuration options: key charging system, key distribution system, printer, modem, etc.)

basic version AUTOCOIN

advanced version ADVANCE

BKF Note

Reader of banknotes / cost per 1 wash station

Brush Pro

Washing brush / cost per 1 wash station

Easy Recovery System

Usage of water from circulation well on the rinsing programme



Smart Antifreeze System

Package intergrating Hot Circulation with Hot Wires

Premium Poland

Package intergrating Detergent Level Check, Extra Lifetime Kit, Water Care Kit and Hot Wires

Multi Cash System

Package integrating Safe Money Collection, Big Cash Box, BKF Key, BKF Changer

Best Water

Package integrating Iron Out Kit, Water Care Kit, Water Suction Kit, Easy Recovery System

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