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Modular wash stands are designed for sites with low to medium wash intensity, such as small and medium-sized towns, districts, locations at local shops. A self-service modular car wash stand can also be built to complement an offer of a petrol stations, vehicle inspection stations, vulcanization stations, gas stations and manual car wash stations, etc.

The offer includes a washing technique called BKF Carwash in the module, a fully equipped steel construction with a roof based on the design provided by BKF. Construction works are carried out by the Investor based on a recurrent project adapted to a custom range.

Self-service wash technique

Modern soundproof enclosure with polyurethane foam 5 mm thick.

  • Module frame - stainless steel insulated with polyurethane foam 5 mm thick.
  • Stainless steel faces
  • Stainless steel roof, painted 3020 (colour); optionally, it is possible to paint a different colour from the RAL colour chart.

Double-function ACV boiler

  • Unique double-circulation "boiler in boiler" system
  • Gas or oil heating
  • 2-layer stainless steel chimney stack
  • selecting an appropriate boiler depending on the number of stations according to the "media demand" table

Control panel, hanging type as an alternative to a standing panel, with purchasing coin suction system or a safe

  • Electronic coin insertion slot system for PLN 1 / PLN 2 / PLN 5 / token 2 / token 5 - self-learning (smooth transfer to EUR small change)
  • Electronic four-section display of time units. Option of displaying minutes, seconds or an appropriate currency
  • Vandal-proof piezoelectrical press button without moveable parts
  • Programmable LED rings around press buttons
  • Stainless steel cash boxes
  • Stainless steel locked handle

Wash programmes

Programme 1: turbo spray

– application of a detergent by means of softened and de-mineralised water under low pressure, preparation for contactless washing (softening of impurities).

Programme 2: basic wash

– contactless pressure washing (original BKF technology) – softened water, filtered from mechanical impurities, detergents – micro-powder which is chemically neutral to lacquer, high temperature which facilitates dissolving of fatty coating.

Programme 3: rinsing

– remains of impurities and detergents after contactless washing are rinsed with clean water

Programme 4: preservation with polymer

– filtered and softened water with the newest generation polymer which covers lacquer with thin and hard layer, owing to high temperature it is "stuck" to the body.

Programme 5: polishing

– rinsing the body with softened and de-mineralised water together with a drying and polishing agent which gives an effect without any stains or damp patches, this programme is a finishing stage for previous programmes and it eliminates the need to wipe or dry a vehicle.

optional: Programme 0: rim spray

– application of a detergent onto rims, which helps remove deposit and coating from brake shoes, softened water under low pressure.

Control system – Control Panel

  • B&R Automation industrial computer with Intel processor
  • Author's software BKF Wash.
  • Controlling through LCD touch screen 5.7”.
  • Displaying the number of the inserted:
    • coins divided into denomination
    • tokens divided into denomination
    • impulses from non-cash systems
  • Displaying information on man-hours
  • Possibility of connecting PC
  • Possibility of updating the software
  • Numerous access levels protected with a password
  • Light control by means of electronic dusk sensor
  • Electrical accessories manufactured by B&R and Eaton
  • Extra power outlet AC 230 V, installed in a control box for servicing purposes
  • Serial communication system with control desktops

Net Control

  • Device supervision system through the Internet by means of remote desktop
  • Overview of all parameters which are essential for the wash operation
  • Statistical data of turnover in the wash with hour distribution.
  • Changing the wash settings through the Internet.

System Client Module (Cloud)

  • Statistics collection system available on the website
    • turnover with division into banknotes, coins, tokens, stations
    • programmes usage statistics
    • temperature statistics
    • wash condition monitor
  • Wash alarms monitoring
  • Possibility of changing parameters through the website
  • Possibility of reporting malfunctions through the website
  • Service visits monitoring through the website

Client Module (Android, iOS) mobile application

  • Turnover monitoring
  • Alarms monitoring

Precise Dosing System 

precise dosing system for detergents, which operates by means of dosing pumps, doses a detergent based on the amount of the water pumped.

Micro-powder dosing system

  • Stainless steel powder container
  • Stainless steel dosing endless screw
  • Stainless steel container for mixing hot water with powder with ballcocks
  • Outsurge protecting against overflowing
  • Possibility of setting dosing by means of CP also through the Internet

High-pressure system

  • High-pressure BKF CAT 340 D pumps
  • Double-gear motors, enabling system operation on low and high pressure
  • High pressure regulator protecting the high pressure system

External anti-frost system

  • Anti-frost water tank
  • Water circulation activated by an external electronic thermostat
  • Anti-frost pump feeding the circulation
  • Mesh filter at the inlet of the circulation
  • Mechanical ballcock for automatic water level control in the anti-frost tank
  • Filter 10” intercepting impurities on circulation
  • Pressure sensor preventing jamming of the pump, reporting errors to the supervision system through the Internet

Emergency anti-frost system

Emergency anti-frost system is activated with lack of voltage. Bürkert solenoid valve when opening, allows water supplied from the network to flow freely through the entire wash water system to the anti-frost tank. In the event of long-term loss of current, excess of water is discharged through the overflow from anti-frost tank to the sewage well.

Water supply system

  • Water filter at the inlet with controlling manometer
  • Working pressure reducer
  • Pressure sensor preventing jamming of the pump, reporting errors to the supervision system through the Internet

High-pressure equipment of the wash station (each working station)

  • 4.3 m high pressure hose with better resistance
  • ƒHigh-pressure gun with anti-frost valve cooperating with external anti-frost system
  • Permanent Weep system increasing resistance to frost
  • Portable stainless steel wash pipe 450 mm with a thermally insulated handle
  • Ceramic jet 65 degrees with a shield with the manufacturer's logo
  • Rotational extension arm
  • Stainless steel extension arm 1550 mm – V-type, rotational 360&deg

Water softening system

  • Double-chamber water softener controlled by Fleck valves and regeneration checking controlled by volume, operating in a shuttle system (continuous softened water supply)
  • Salt tank with adjustable suction at the inlet
  • Independent valve checking filling of the salt tank with lack of water pressure from the network
  • Mechanical measurement of the amount of the water produced, not sensitive to interferences caused by periodical blackouts

Reverse osmosis system  

  • De-mineralised water tank with ballcock checking
  • SOptical information system including the following indices: work, permeate quality, interferences signallisation (too low pressure of feeding water) and determination of upper and lower de-salted water level in the filtration tank, integrated with CP (control system).
  • ƒAutomatic rinsing on low pressure and changing into the state of readiness for work.
  • 3 manometers checking pressure at the inlet of the pump and pressure in the membrane of the osmosis system.
  • Cylinders indicating the flow of concentrate and filtration (de-mineralised water).
  • Counter of work hours integrated with CP
  • Water filter at the inflow with permeability of 5 μm.
  • Self-suction rotational pump with capacity of max 1080 l/h, 14 bar.
  • Polyamide / polysulfone high-performance membranes, wound spirally, glass fibre pressure pipe.
  • If there is no osmotic water, automatic switching to softened water is activated.


Floor de-frosting system (double-function ACV boiler) preparation for connecting 2-circuit floor de-frosting system with the length of the pipe 240 m PEX section 20 x 2 in accordance with DIN 16892/3 per one station.


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