Gantry car washes

Now, BKF it is not only state-of-the-art touchless car washes, but also the top quality gantry car wash.



Join us on the right track. Expand your business with our new innovative gantry car wash. A new unique machine for demanding customers.



This gantry car wash has the following features which make it stand out from the competition:

- It can be customised to the most sophisticated customer needs as it has a mobile, stable and firm steel structure.

- The structure which is protected against corrosion thanks to galvanisation and special industrial painting.

- Fully protected driving motors and state-of-the-art control and software technology.

- Our gantry car wash is equipped with pneumatically-controlled side brushes (with additional special diagonal control devices) providing for overlapping of work fields.

- It is equipped with wheel brushes for washing rims up to 21 inches in diameter.

- A special system for supplying water to side brushes (a high-pressure spray available as an option) and a roof brush including a chemical (shampoo, active foam, wax, drying aid) dosing system (a car body shine product dosing programme available as an option).

- A specially designed surface water spraying system perfectly sprays water over the car surface to be washed (the “wall of rain” effect).

- The gantry car wash applies detergents and paint protection products such as wax and drying aid.

- It is equipped with 4 powerful drying (side and roof) turbines required for proper car washing and drying.

- Welded or jointed with bolts.

- State-of-the-art LED signal devices placed on both legs of the structure make it possible to optimally recognise the Start and Stop signals and to correct the car position.


The above-mentioned features provide for optimum, full and effective car washing. The top quality car washing only thanks to the BKF gantry car wash.


The machine has been designed and manufactured based on years of experience in the car wash industry and in the provision of car wash maintenance services and manufacture of all types of car washes.

As a result, we have managed to create and develop a perfectly functioning machine offering our customers the top quality washing service.

Washing efficiency guaranteed.


A two-year warranty provided that inspections are carried out every 6 months and special BKF chemical products are used.

A great improvement to a touchless car wash or petrol station! 







Special washing heights up to 3.20 m and widths up to 2.47 m available at the customer’s request.

The machine can be installed in 8.70 m long and 3.90 m wide halls.




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