Advantage due to technology

In BKF CarWash, we respect the principle "who can't move forward is sliding backward". Therefore, our team is constantly working on the appliances we produce. Every year we launch new models with subsequent improvements. The consequent development has allowed our company to gain the position of the standards dictator on the selfserve car washes market.

Card Payments

Thank to modern solutions you can pay without cash on BKF carwashes by using proximity card VISA or Mastercard. Devices like new BKF Control Panel allows to improve carwash attractiveness. This kind of payments is future so we think it worth to set this option on carwash because this technology could develop business.

BKF Pay Point also allows to pay by using proximity cards. This technology allows to pay for washing from one central point on carwash for all washing stands. BKF Pay Point similarly as other BKF devices is very simple and clear to use.

Manage carwash by Internet

Managing carwash by Internet is simple technology which will help you to save your time. All data are available by web browser, you need only device with access to Internet. This solution makes managing of your business easier and clear.


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