Manage carwash in cloud


Technology of intelligent manage car wash in cloud allows to control business in every single place on the world. All you need to use this technology is device with access to web (tablet, smartphone, laptop).

Big advantage of using managing carwash in cloud is possibility of getting automatic notifications about processes on your carwash. It gives unique way for comprehensive and easy management of car wash in simple and clear style.


Remote management of business helps in making key decisions by using all needed data. What are basic functions of managing carwash in cloud?


Keeping statistics:

-Ability to download data about profits from all owned carwashes and from single stands

-Control of working time and the amount of use of the various programs

-Diagnostic information management

-Control of used chemicals


-Notifications about udesirable phenomena occurring at the carwash

-Informations about level of chemicals and necessity to refill

-Information about carwash technical condition


Manage carwash in cloud is modern, safe and easy technology which makes running a business easier. This modern solution allows reduce visiting carwash to minimum what gives ability to fully focus on business.


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