Unique washing technology

Thanks to many years of experience we have managed to create a unique self-serve car washing system on the European scale. Thanks to the cooperation of our engineers and team of chemistry technologists we have prepared six washing programs which combine the appropriate proportions of such factors as the pressure, the temperature, chemical agents and demineralized water. The BKF 5+ system means five unique washing programs offered to you in standard, with the possibility of expansion to six washing programs.


Spraying the rims of wheels with a chemical agent using softened water
under low pressure. It allows to remove carbon fouling and tarnishes
from brake blocks. For this program we use softened and demineralized
water, which improves the effectiveness of the chemical agents.

Spraying a chemical agent using softened water, preparation for the
self-serve car washing (softening heavy dirt).

90 bar pressure, water filtered from mechanical contamination –
softened, chemical agents – powder with a pH neutral to the varnish,
dosed out during the process (the surfactants technology), high
temperature – supporting the dissolution of greasy tarnishes.

The remnants of dirt and chemical agents after self-serve washing are
washed off with water from the network of a 90 bar working pressure.

Filtered water, – softened with the most advanced polymer, which covers
the clean varnish with a thin, hard layer. Thanks to high temperature, it
adhers to the varnish and provides lasting protection.

Washing the car body with softened water, without minerals
(demineralized water) along with a drying and polishing agent which
helps achieve that stainless look. This program is the accomplishment
of previous programs, it allows to eliminate the need for wiping or
drying the vehicle.

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