Wireless Carwash

BKF Net Control (BKF NC)

Internet-based appliance supervision system. It permits viewing all the parameters crucial for the car wash functioning. BKF Net Control is the automatic supervisor which sends e-mails with information about a service check, a breakdown, statistical data: the amount of turnover in the car wash with breakdown into hours, it allows to change the car wash settings via the Internet. This system gives the possibility to manage the car-wash or the whole network of car washes with the use of a computer.

BKF CarWash Customer Panel

Facilitate the analysis of turnover in the washer and price management services with easy access to statistics from the web site. Ability to broaden the knowledge about the car wash business by benefiting from access to a database of articles about car washes. Full control over the service with access to the history of inspections and repairs. Ability to manage the car wash for remote access to a car wash controller. Improving communication with the service through a system of fault reporting via the Internet.

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